How many parts can I cut with a broach tool before resharpening?

The number of parts that can be cut by a broach tool before it needs resharpening depends on many factors. However, 2000 linear inches of cut in soft steel parts should be attainable with a broach tool made from PM-M4 high speed steel, prior to needing resharpening. Tool life estimates in other applications can be […]

How long can a broach tool be?

Broach tools vary in length depending on the cutting application. In most cases, broach tools can have an over-all length that is up to 100 times the smallest cutting tooth diameter.

What is the best coolant for broaching?

A water soluble cutting oil mixed at a manufacturer’s recommended concentration (often 10-12%) is the best coolant for a broaching application. In some applications, a straight cutting oil provides a better surface finish, but has less heat capacity. Broaching applications usually require a cutting fluid designed for heavy duty machining applications. Often, a cutting fluid […]