Broaching Machines

Vertical (Rising Table)

Vertical Rising Table (VTU) Model

Key Features

A vertically oriented broaching machine that provides the advantage of a floor level load height. This is the first choice for broaching applications that are operator loaded. In this type of machine, the broach tool is held still while the part is pulled up over the broach tool. An automated shuttle table moves the part in and out of the broaching position to allow for easy operator access.

  • Hydraulic or Electromechanical

Job Shop (JS) Style

Key Features

The JS model of broaching machine. A vertical rising table broaching machine with a small footprint and floor level load height. We scaled the features of our larger version down to provide robust strength that is balanced with an affordable price. This machine was designed specifically for companies with a low to medium broaching volume requirement, where efficiency, versatility, and quick changeover are key to success.

  • Hydraulicly powered
  • 3 Capacity Configurations
    • JS6-36    (6 ton [53.4 kN] x 36″ [914 mm]  stroke)
    • JS10-48  (10 ton [89 kN] x 48″ [1219 mm] stroke)
    • JS10-60  (10 ton [89 kN] x 60″ [1524 mm] stroke)

Common Standard Machine Features:

  • Heavy duty weldment base and frame
  • Premium Power Source:
    • Hydraulic unit & cylinder
    • Electromechanical: ball screws, bearings, and servo motors
  • Premium electrical panel & enclosure
  • Profile rails with roller-type bearing
    cars on machine ways
  • Auto broach retriever system
  • Hydraulically operated in/out shuttle table
  • PLC control with a touchscreen HMI
    • Optional CNC control
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Coolant flood system with canister/bag filtration unit
  • Magnetic or drag flight chip conveyor
  • Tight part/broach present sensor system
  • Guarding package to meet safety requirements
  • Anti-vibration leveling pads
  • Paint to one solid color

High Speed Hard Broaching

A high speed vertical rising table broaching machine designed with a hydraulic power system capable of achieving table speeds of ~200 ft/min [60 m/min]. This machine is designed for hard broaching applications, where the increased speed allows for more effective hard cutting with carbide broach tool shells.

  • Hydraulically Powered

One 8 ton x 36" Stroke Model Currently in Stock

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Vertical (Pull Down)
Copy of Broaching Machine_Vertical Pull Down

Vertical Pull Down (VPD)

A vertically oriented broaching machine with a legacy configuration, where the part remains stationary and the broach is pulled down through the part. This machine is best for fast cycle times in higher part volume applications where a pick-and-place or robot load is used. This machine can also be manually loaded with the addition of an operator platform or installing the machine in a pit in the
factory floor.

  • Hydraulic or Electromechanical
  • Surface broaching configuration

Twin Cylinder (T)

Our Twin Cylinder version specialized for rifling applications This is a smaller version of the VPD model of machine that only requires a 2-4 step platform for operator interaction. This model is sold in travel (stroke) capacities of 24” [600mm] to 42” [1060mm]

Twin Cylinder Hydraulic_02-1
Copy of Broaching Machine_Horizontal

Horizontal (H)

A horizontally oriented broaching machine with a floor level load height. This is the first variety of pull broaching machine developed by our company and still provides a reliable and cost effective solution for a wide variety of applications. The disadvantage of this model is the extra floor space requirement and the influence of gravity on the broach tool.

  • Hydraulically powered
Other and Custom

We are equipped to design and manufacture other types of broaching machines or custom broaching machines. Our team of experienced and skilled mechanical and controls engineers are ready to review your application and prepare a proposal that meets your needs. We look forward to speaking with you soon and reviewing your application.